Information Product Creation – Ways to Quickly Increase the Value of Your Info-Products!


Information Product Creation is highly profitable and easy online business. Still, beginners will face a problem while selling it. The rate of the information products is dynamic and it should be altered according to the market trend. This is the area where the newbie fails to concentrate.

There is a strong belief that information products have a fixed value. But the truth is not so. Actually, the price tag of the information products can be altered according to the market situation. The rate is also based on the time you sell. If there is more demand for that product, then you can increase the rate. How to increase the value of your information products? Here are some simple tips.

Offer Bonus to make your product valuable

1] The value of information product can be elevated by offering some bonus. The bonus should be cost effective and should attract the user. For example, if the information product or e-book you sell is related to “how to buy a used car”, you can offer bonus content related to the same topic. The relevant bonus may be “how to check whether the car is in good condition or not”. So, this bonus works great when you give the offer for limited period.

2] Change the Name

You should find out what is the requirement of the user. Some time a same product may get more response when its name is changed. Consider an e-book containing 200 pages. It can be given different names according to the contents. This is the technique followed by experienced sellers. Naming also comes under packaging tips of your product and it is essential to use it wisely to make the users buy your product.

3] Refine your information product

When a product did not fetch good profit in the first phase, it is necessary to refine it and give it in a different form. You can do some additions by including new information related to your product or do some subtractions which are unnecessary. This is definitely a vital technique to make your product more valuable. You can also do some modifications in the font, color and some extra graphics to make it more appealing.

4] Alteration of Media Format

Instead of presenting your information product in the e-book format, you can present it as video & audio files or as a powerpoint presentation etc. The reason is: some like to know information through video presentation and some like e-books. So, you should change the format according to the people you are targeting.

All the above 4 tips are easy to incorporate in your marketing, which are sure to yield good profit.


Source by Dhruv Patel